Not a Diary

Not a Diary
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Are you tired of journaling? Are you always forgetting to keep up with it? Don't worry you aren't alone. Most people find it hard to continue with journaling whether its because it becomes a pain to carry a diary around with you or you grow blind to the notifications from your favorite journaling app.

This is where Not a Diary comes in to bring the future of journaling right to your cell phone. Not a Diary is an SMS based journal where we text you your chosen prompt straight to your phone everyday. Allowing you to never miss another journal entry again.


  1. A fully SMS based journal.

  2. Get a text from us everyday. Yes, everyday!

  3. We are NOT a diary.

  4. You wont forget us at home on your next vacation.

  5. The Grateful tier will send you 1 message every single day.

  6. The Guru tier will send you 2 messages every single day.

  7. The Full Package will send you 3 messages every single day.

  8. We are exactly what you have been looking for.



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